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Introducing ZoraOS ☼☽

Author: Breck
Date: January 27, 2021.

Today we are introducing ZoraOS, a suite of developer tools for building on the Zora Protocol.

ZoraOs consists of three primary components:

  • Zora Smart Contracts
  • Zora Development Kit (ZDK)
  • Zora Subgraph

Zora Smart Contracts

The Zora Smart Contracts implement the Zora Whitepaper and define cryptomedia as a new building block for the sovereign internet. To get up to speed on cryptomedia read this short primer.


Using cryptomedia as a composable building block, we believe many new onchain primitives will be created to form the foundation for a sovereign internet owned by everyone.

  • DAOs to Crowdfund, Create and Curate Cryptomedia
  • Lending with Cryptomedia as collateral
  • Fractional Ownership of Cryptomedia
  • Cryptomedia Options / Insurance
  • Cryptomedia Indexes

Anyone hoping to build onchain primitives that incorporate Zora cryptomedia should first read through and understand the core design, mechanisms, and implementation of the contracts.

Learn more about our smart contracts

Zora Development Kit (ZDK)

The Zora Development Kit is the primary entry point for web developers to build new use cases and experiences on top of the Zora Protocol. It is written in Typescript and can be used in any context that Javascript can be run. It gives developers direct read and write access to officially supported instances of the Zora Protocol across Ethereum networks. It also exposes a number of convenience methods for safely interacting with the Zora Protocol.

Learn more about our zdk

Zora Subgraph

The Zora Subgraph is a tool that allows developers to query structured data on the Zora Protocol with a simple to use GraphQL interface.

Learn more about our subgraph

Looking Forward

The Vision for ZoraOS is to build high quality tools across the entire development stack enabling developers to build new and interesting use cases for the sovereign internet owned by everyone. We are only at the beginning of this exciting journey. If you'd like to be a part of it, read through the documentation and get started integrating Zora into your project!

In the spirit of building tools in collaboration with our community, all of our repositories are open source with the MIT License and are available for free on npm. Zora is a tool in the public domain, as such anyone and everyone is able to contribute and improve Zora for the entire community.

Please join the development channels of our Discord and start a thread with the community.